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    This will be my suggestions thread from here on out. I will keep this list up to date with any suggestions that I may think of along the way.

    15 April 2017:

    1) I suggest changing the forum software. IPB or vBulletin would be perfect. From personal experience, most people in the RSPS community aren't very susceptible to Xenforo forums. IPB and vB are both pretty well laid out and more user friendly. Plus both IPB and vB have better customization options and you can pretty much have more freedom to do to the software whatever you feel like doing. If this was to happen, it's better to change now before any major advertising is done for the server and players start flocking here. This server has a ton of potential and has the ability to go far. But without forum software that a community as a whole enjoys, playerbase can break down. Again, personal experience.

    17 April 2017:

    1) Put a Make 5, 10, X, and All option when making potions.

    23 April 2017:

    1) Remove monthly membership and replace it with different tiers of membership titles. For instance, $10 is Donator, $25 is Super Donator, $50 is Extreme Donator, $100 is Legendary Donator, etc... Most people don't want to play a server with monthly subscription fees for membership access. This would make the donator statuses a one time payment and could actually bring in more money over time. Of course they can be different price ranges and rank titles, the above is just to show an example.

    2) If the above is implemented, create different donator zones for each level of donator. And if, for instance, somebody has the highest donator rank than they can access not only that donator zone but every other donator zone as well.
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    Post updated
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    Updated the post with a couple more suggestions.
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    We used to do it like that before, with ranks, but the problem was that after players achieved their highest rank they would stop donating, which is beyond the point. We'd rather get $ / month every month, than 100$ once in a life time.

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