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    Hello everyone! My name is Thomas. I'm 25 years old and I currently live in Florida. I'm currently attending the University of West Florida majoring in cyber security with a minor in game design focusing on Java and C++ programming. I also currently have a cyber security internship with a local security firm as a part of my degree requirements.

    I started playing Runescape in 2001 and still play to this day. I'm currently a staff member in one of the most popular clans in Runescape, Spirits of Arianwyn. This clan also happened to be founded by Scotty aka Mod Cocoa, a JMod and shows up to some of our events, bringing along coworkers sometimes. This tends to give clan members perks at RuneFest every year, to include a special meeting with JMods so they can get ideas firsthand about anything clan related that anyone might want implemented into the game (here is a small peak, they plan on removing anagogic orts as a whole to get skill perks from the avatar. Instead you will have to skill every week at your clans citadel to get avatar skill boosts).

    I started playing private servers in 2007. As the years went on, I eventually opened up my own server in 2012, bringing on HellGate's own Jake to help me run and operate the server. He handled day to day operations while I handled any sort of programming work ie server and website. I miss those days, and when he got back into contact with me a few days ago, he told me about this server. I decided to pull the trigger and start playing private servers again. So here I am.

    Hopefully I get to meet everyone soon!
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    Welcome to the game, have fun and enjoy your stay!
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    Thank you! :D
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