Patch 4.0

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  1. Hellgate

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    Revamped Runespan shop completely
    Added Talisman Staffs to Runespan that give you infinite runes for the specific type of staff
    Added Runecrafter armor which gives you a +25% bonus when crafting runes

    Revamped Nomad's shop
    Added Excalibur sword ( Nomad's )

    Revamped Ironman general tools shop

    Fully revamped Ironman point store

    Fixed glitched bank booth in Cooking Zone
    Took out Zulrah Scales from the Ammunition Store
    Firemaking enabled in Edgeville and Member Zone
    Added 85 Defense requirement to Pegasian Boots, Eternal Boots and Primordial Boots
    Buffed Serpentine Helm's stats
    Buffed Full Slayer Helmet's Stats
    Added Serpentine Helm to the Slayer Shop
    Hold down CTRL for Quick Item Hover - I know some of you disable it from the settings because it fills up your screen, now you have the quick toggle.
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    Amazing update bro. you da man!
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  3. Irony

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    Yes! Yes! Yeeees! Nice updates! :D
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  4. Hellgate

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    Glad you like them! Enjoy the game! :) Thank you for your support!

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