Server closing May 16

Discussion in 'News' started by Hellgate, May 13, 2017.

  1. Hellgate

    Hellgate Administrator Staff Member

    Closing on May 16 due to lack of interest and funding. If anybody would like to keep the ball rolling, we just need a minimum of 2 monthly subscriptions or a $20 - $25 monthly donation.
    Website and forum will remain online indefinitely.

  2. Aragornian

    Aragornian Hellgate Player

    There isn't a lack of interest at all. There is a lack of advertisement. There is a lack of updates. There is a lack of activity by the Owner, you. There isn't a lack of interest from anyone. In order to get any sort of interest there needs to actually be some action taken by you to get players here i.e. advertising, updates, activity, etc...
  3. Hellgate

    Hellgate Administrator Staff Member

    I've been working like crazy on it for months and I didn't get any traction, so I've decided to leave it alone for a couple of months and see if the player base grows. Paid side bar ads, paid top bar ads, paid the server and whatever you can think about. This is not working, if you have any ideas, I'm more than happy to listen. More than 50 major updates have been pushed into this + it has been fully revamped. So I'm sure it's not about the content, nor is it about the updates. There is enough content for a NEW player to enjoy it for at least a couple of months, problem is - nobody is joining, or if anybody is joining, they stay on for 5 minutes, realize there's nobody to interact with, and then they leave.
    Bottom line is - no matter how good the server is, the players are most important. At this point, we're lacking players. I'm more than happy to reopen if the players come.
  4. Mat

    Mat Hellgate Player

    Well I think I'll throw my opinion in on this just because why not. You both have some valid points in my opinion. Yes, for a new player coming into the game there is plenty of content for them to do, but like what was mentioned new players aren't going to stick around on an empty server. So that means there needs to be new content for the old players to stay, which in theory, would make new players more likely to stay around. A RSPS needs constant updates to survive, not saying you'd have to put in like 8 hours everyday, just maybe 1 update a week or something, progression is key though. Also another thing in my eyes that led to this was the monthly subscriptions. A lot of people quit runescape and go to private servers to avoid paying a monthly fee, they'd much rather either do a 1 payment and done, or pay for status via in game currency. Just maybe a few things to consider doing differently if you reopen/own another server. Best of luck to everybody with whatever you go on to do.
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  5. Hellgate

    Hellgate Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks, Mat! Good luck to you as well!

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