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    Update 2.1
    Added all monsters sorted in alphabetical order to the Monster Drop Table
    Added Penance Queen to the monster drop table
    Fixed a critical Monster Drop Table bug which prevented duplicated items being shown in different categories
    Revamped Penance Queen's drops

    Revamped Corporeal Beast's drops

    Update 2.0
    • Implemented email validation as a security measure. If you log on with a different IP address, you will have to re-validate your account!
    If by any means you can't validate your account, contact us on the Account Recovery thread in the forum.

    • Announcing items: Toxic Blowpipe, Toxic Staff of the dead, Serpentine Helm, Tetsu, Dragon warhammer, Dragonbone, Ring of Gods, Tyrannical ring, Treasonous ring
    • Removed Rocktail from 'Consumables Store'
    • Muted players can't PM anymore

    • Completely recoded ::changepass, also now you can change your email, secret and password from the RSPS Guide.
    • Fixed ::claimvote for users with a space in their name
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    i dont got email code
  3. Hellgate

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    Wait 5 minutes, or whisper me your secret on the forum and I'll give it to you manually.
  4. Conoco

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    So far an amazing update per usual :D
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  5. Hellgate

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    Thank you!
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