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    Update 3.0
    Made all the wilderness multi areas... multi areas
    Nerfed Zulrah Scales considerably
    Lowered the Magic Defense of all bosses (King Black Dragon, Dagganoth Kings, Slash Bash, Phoenix, Bandos Avatar, Corporeal Beast, Glacor, Nex, Tormented Demon, Penance Queen, Callisto, Vet'ion, Zulrah)
    Hand canon special can be used twice now.
    Coded ::thread [id] which leads you to the forum thread
    Added PK Points message when you open the PK Points store
    Added Emoji Toggle to the settings.
    Fixed a bug where emojis where replaced chaotically in the text

    Update 2.0
    Opened and revamped the PK Points Store
    Buffed Drygore Mace, Drygore Longsword, Staff of the Gods
    Changed the player staff icons, for obvious reasons...
    Teleportation Orb price dropped to 4k Stardust, 4k Kindlings and 300 Reborn Points ( only for your teleportation pleasure )
    Clicking on a skill in the skill tab now teleport you to where you need to be
    Coded ::discord command

    Update 1.0
    • Patched the security feature, now you'll need to enter the secret code to validate your account. If you get the secret code wrong 3 times, then we'll send you an email.
    • Also fixed a bug which required people in certain situations to always re-validate their account upon re-login.
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