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    Update 1.0
    Buffed Toxic Blowpipe, it's almost as good as it was before.
    Major Update: Revamped absolutely all bosses' drops in game
    Bonus XP is now automatically activated from Friday to Sunday
    Arcane Spirit Shield price changed to 350M
    Spectral spirit shield price changed to 250M
    Forum revamp - added new categories and permissions

    Why did we choose to revamp all bosses' drops in game?
    In order to create a balanced ECO, we've decided to significantly lower the Legendary Items drops. Of course, it's always fun to get a legendary, and it makes the game worth playing, but the rate the server was giving them was just too high. We feel that decreasing the rate will make the experience more enjoyable and the ECO stable. Please feel free to leave comments or questions here or on Discord and we will try to answer everybody.
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    Love it :D can't wait to see what's next :)
    oh wait I already know <3
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    nice job dude.
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