Patch 6

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    Update 2.0
    Added 2 new drops to wyldbyrd
    Removed the instance zone around Wyldbyrd

    Fixed critical player movement queue issues
    Fixed regions not loading when you're walking instead of running ( or in other conditions )
    Deactivating the fog now makes the sky black

    Update 1.0
    Fixed achievements not being displayed
    Added Toggle Fog command
    Added confirmation dialog when X is pressed to close the client
    Fixed NPCs not dropping items in certain cases
    Added 2 new wilderness teleports - Demonic Ruins and Rune Rock
    Coded Wyldbyrd event - a wyldbyrd spawns every hour in the Wilderness, kill it for special loot. It is in a multi-area and the top 3 damage dealers will get loot.
    Fixed the way items drop so you have an equal chance of getting any item from each category
    Added Whip Vine to the game. Use it on your Abbysal Whip to transform it.
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