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    Welcome to the Hellgate 99 Runecrafting guide. An ezpz skill that is quite afkable. I will not be posting XP rates, or quantities needed to reach certain levels; just do it and you'll reach 99!

    Rune Essence Gathering

    Rune essence can be mined via the Rune essence mine, or acquired through monster drops. I recommend training combat and gathering up all rune essence prior to beginning rune crafting.
    Level 1 - 50

    Begin at the ZMI altar, crafting whatever level rune you possibly can until level 50. Below is the image including level availability. Always run down the shorter, eastern path, protecting melee (if necessary).
    Level 50 - 70

    At this point, you should be switching to RuneSpan. Here you can begin siphoning Green energies whilst being afk. Recommended inventory is just Saradomin brews. You should not need more than this for 99.
    Level 70 - 90
    Once you achieve level 70, switch over to the Yellow energies. Here, you can siphon until 99!

    Through siphoning, you should gather a considerable amount of energy fragments. With these fragments, you can shop at the Energy Fragment Store via Merlin. Most items are cosmetic.
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    Great guide! You can make it a bit better by introducing the Teleportation Orb's functionality into it. It would speed up the process tremendously.
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    I can lend you the teleportation orb to update this guide :)

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